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DaOpa's EVE - Online FanSite Logo . Drone Capacity, Drone bandwidth, High Slot, Mid Slot, Low Slot, Launcher Hardpoint, Turret Hardpoint, CPU, Powergrid. DaOpa's EVE - Online FanSite Logo . Drones, Slots, Hardpoints, CPU, PG. Drone Capacity, Drone bandwidth, High Slot, Mid Slot, Low Slot, Launcher Hardpoint. This loadout was made for an older EVE version (Odyssey ) and may no longer be High slots 3/6. Drone Link Augmentor II Online. Must Visit Websites EVE Official Wiki EVE Wiki EVE University Wiki Battleclinic Loadout DB DOTLAN EVE Maps ICSC Jump Planner EVE 0. At one time, Energy Vampire mods known as NOSs had all of the combat advantages of neuts, plus the ability to transfer cap from the target to your own ship. Six Link Tengu Quote of the Week: Best be more careful with your cut and pasting in the future and to aid that may I suggest that you make extensive use of opening things in new tabs or windows and the preview function before you actually post it makes it easier to prevent errors such as this. Showing my age a bit here, and that of the EVE developers: Your drone will protect a target fleet member, thus the drone will automatically retaliate on any threat attacking against that ship.

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Corporations and Alliances Summit. Hatsuharu Exacts Revenge 1 year ago. Other times, though, it's not clear at all. Welcome to Jester's Trek. Once your drone s are further away than this km, you can't even do that - and if their target is destroyed or warps off then they will become abandoned, and you will have to go and get them. Fanfest at a Distance 3 months ago. I've mentioned a time or two on this blog that if you A null-sec fleet behind enemy lines can sometimes benefit from at least one ship fitted with a Core Probe Launcher to seek out these sites. Full Rand The lie is also the truth Tribal knowledge The conscience of the King Proof positive Kill of the Week: I am, of course, If the ship is using active defenses -- or even better -- cap-using guns like lasers, this will go a long way toward throwing a fight in your favor. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah. You forgot about Smartbombs! Aspiring Hari Seldon - Part 3 - Releasing REST Forecasts 2 months ago. When you launch your drones, you'll see on your overview that they are now considered 'Drones in Local Space'. What's Old is New Again. You don't even have to try to get into neut range yourself to use them. The Infinite Reach 3 years ago.

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